ShrubHub App and Minisite

The Minisite

Student Project

Shrubhub is an app that reminds plant owners when to water their plants and provides additional information about them. This website advertises the app and showcases its features.

ShrubHub minisite on desktop

The App

The ShrubHub App was made for mobile, tablet, and desktop as provided in the website. Some features included naming plants, knowing when they need watered, room location, and additional facts.

4 phone screens titled needs water with 2 plants listed, my plants with multiple plants listed, plant info that includes the plant photo, name, species, when to water, birthday, room, light needs, difficulty and growth rate, wishlist with one plant and a search bar tablet images depicting the same screens Desktop images depicting same screens

The Process

The process started with creating a user persona for the app. I chose a busy college student who is a new plant owner. Next were sketches of what the app would look like on mobile, tablet, and desktop. From there, I made wireframes and icons that evolved into these final mockups with color and images. I tweaked some features such as getting rid of the explore option and simplifying the app with three screens instead of five.

ShrubHub persona named Laura Seed with information about her sketches depicting phone and tablet screens sketches depicting tablet and desktop screens ShrubHub Wireframes for mobile, tablet, and desktop